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Things That Make Your Retail Store in Naperville Prone To Pests 

When you own a retail store in Naperville, there are a number of things you become responsible for. One of them is being vigilant about pest control on the property and knowing how to prevent infestations. You want traffic in your store, but you do not want cockroaches, ants, and rodents in the same traffic. Having them in the store can ruin not just your reputation but also your products.

If you have noticed a few insects in your store, do not be surprised. It is not a unique phenomenon in Illinois. Sometimes, you may even find birds creating whole nests behind your refrigerator. Even though this is common, preventing an infestation is possible with precautionary steps. Get in touch with the Pointe Pest Control team for commercial pest treatment, which will help you with the process.

Pest-prone areas in your retail store:

  • Frequently opened doors.

Doors must open and close to let people in and out. However, you can avoid holding them open or leaving them open longer than necessary. In order to ensure that the weather stripping surrounding doors is not worn out or broken, you can also install door sweeps.

Occasionally, an air curtain may help reduce flying insects. Finally, a vestibule door entrance may also help in preventing pest infestations.

  • Employee break areas.

You might be focused on preventing the infestation on the loading docks and incoming goods areas. Infestations can occasionally occur indoors. According to a study, cockroaches mostly invade because of the employee’s belongings.

The readily available food sources, such as spills and carelessly stored finished food products, put the locker rooms and break rooms in significant danger of infestation. Food should not be kept in open containers, and employee belongings and clothes should be kept apart from tools and work uniforms.

  • Garbage and trash.

Dumpsters and trash cans are well-known gathering spots for pests. When the wind shifts, flies are known to track the scents of food and rubbish for kilometers around. A variety of animals view the contents of dumpsters as an unlimited source of food, including rats, mice, ants, cockroaches, wasps, bees, etc. Trash cans and dumpsters should all have spills cleaned up. All of the garbage cans in your store should be regularly cleaned.

  • Leaks and moisture.

Because most pests need and seek water for survival, even tiny puddles and droplets could be appealing to them. Check for leaks in all of the appliances, drink dispensers, drains, and pipelines, and get any issues fixed by a professional as soon as you can.

When possible, install screens in drains and make sure food debris is kept out of the drains. Clean up any spills immediately. To help prevent water from backing up near your store, make sure your property has a sufficient drainage system.

Get professional pest control services in Naperville today!

Despite knowing a thing or two, it is not possible to know a detailed process to remove pests from your retail store that has become prone to pests. Therefore, it becomes hard for common people to do pest control by themselves and with the help of a DIY kit. Hence, it is recommended that a professional pest control team be hired as soon as possible!

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