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From Screen to Page: Watcho Series That Were Adapted from Books

In the dynamic world of entertainment, the journey from the written word to the visual realm is a captivating transformation. Books, with their rich narratives and well-developed characters, often serve as the foundation for compelling television series. Watcho, a burgeoning platform in the digital streaming space, has embraced this creative approach, adapting noteworthy literary works into engaging series that captivate audiences. Let’s explore some of the notable Watcho series that were adapted from books, unraveling the magic that occurs when the printed page comes to life on the screen.

1. “Love, Lust & Confusion”

Adapted from the book ‘Love, Lust & Confusion’ by Abhimanyu Roy, this series is a modern tale of romance and self-discovery. The show beautifully brings to life the complexities of relationships and the struggles of the youth in today’s world. It takes the essence of the book and translates it into a visual experience, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the ups and downs of love and life.

2. “Khaar”

‘Khaar’ by Balram Aatreya provides the foundation for an intriguing series on Watcho. The story delves into the socio-political landscape, reflecting the trials and tribulations faced by the protagonist. By adapting this book into a series, Watcho offers audiences a thought-provoking narrative that raises pertinent questions about society, politics, and power dynamics.

3. “The SentiMentals”

Rishi Vohra’s book ‘Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai’ serves as the inspiration for “The SentiMentals” series. This adaptation brings to life the vibrant city of Mumbai and the tales of love, dreams, and aspirations that characterize the book. It showcases the joys and challenges faced by its characters, capturing the essence of the city and its people.

4. “A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend”

Inspired by the concept of artificial intelligence and human interaction, ‘A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend’ is a unique series based on a book. The show delves into the futuristic realm of AI, exploring the possibilities and consequences of creating a virtual companion. It raises intriguing questions about technology, ethics, and human emotions, providing a thought-provoking viewing experience.

5. “Do Not Disturb”

‘Do Not Disturb’ by Debashish Irengbam is the source material for this suspenseful series. The narrative follows a web of secrets and mysteries, highlighting the dark side of human nature. Watcho’s adaptation ensures that the thrilling essence of the book is retained, engaging viewers in a suspenseful journey filled with unexpected twists and turns.

6. “Mission Breaking News”

The series ‘Mission Breaking News’ draws inspiration from the book ‘Mission News’ by Yashraj and Jyoti Shah. The story focuses on the world of journalism and the challenges faced by media professionals. By adapting this book into a series, Watcho provides viewers with a glimpse into the demanding and dynamic environment of journalism, showcasing the dedication and determination of reporters in pursuit of truth.

7. “Rani Mahal”

Adapted from Ruskin Bond’s novella ‘A Face in the Dark,’ “Rani Mahal” brings a blend of mystery and drama to the screen. The series captures the essence of Bond’s storytelling, infusing it with the visual allure of a historical setting. It transports viewers to a bygone era, immersing them in a world of intrigue and suspense.


The transition from the written word to a visual narrative is a testament to the art of storytelling and the impact of literature on the creative realm. Watcho, recognizing the potential of literary works, has successfully adapted several books into engaging series that resonate with modern audiences. These adaptations not only provide viewers with fresh and exciting content but also pay homage to the literary brilliance of the original works.

Through the adaptations mentioned above, Watcho has demonstrated its commitment to exploring diverse genres and narratives. It has effectively leveraged the power of books to craft engaging series that captivate, entertain, and inspire a wide range of audiences. As technology continues to advance and the digital streaming landscape evolves, we can anticipate even more adaptations that bring beloved books to life on our screens, providing a delightful fusion of literature and visual storytelling.

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