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4 Most Famous US States for Australians to Travel

Australians love to travel, and keeping in mind that New Zealand, Indonesia, and the UK are the main three objections for Australians, the US comes in a nearby fourth. Lately, it very well may be difficult to tell what itinerary items will be conceivable. Notwithstanding the potential for movement retractions, the US stays a famous objective for Australian explorers. In this article, we’ll take a gander at the four most well known US states for Australians to visit and the motivations behind why they stay such famous objections.


In excess of 300,000 Australians visit the Hawaiian Islands consistently, making it a reasonable most loved objective. Whether you stay on the Huge Island and hit all the significant places of interest or travel to one of the more modest islands like Lanai or Molokai for a less feverish (and less swarmed) occasion, you’ll track down a lot to do while you’re there.

Visit a well of lava, snorkel or scuba make a plunge the warm Pacific Sea, climb in a rich wilderness, relax on an ocean side, or shop in a legitimate Hawaiian market. Maui, Waikiki, and Kauai are three of the most famous islands to visit, however any of them will give you the Hawaiian experience you need.

Washington D.C.

The capital city of the U.S. is a list of must-dos objective for some Australians. It’s loaded with American history and its administration structures are superb instances of early American design. Visit the White House (try to have a booking), watch an official motorcade, snap a photo with the six-meter-tall Abraham Lincoln sculpture at the Lincoln Dedication, stop for reflection at the Vietnam Commemoration, and go for a walk along the Public Shopping center between the Washington Landmark and U.S. Legislative center Structure.


The province of California has everything for a vacationer. In San Francisco, must-see attractions incorporate the popular Brilliant Door Scaffold, Alcatraz jail, Muir Woods, and Chinatown. Los Angeles highlights Hollywood, Beverly Slopes, Venice Ocean side, and Rodeo Drive. Further south, in San Diego, you’ll track down the USS Halfway, the San Diego Zoo, Coronado Island, and the Gaslamp Quarter. Also, that is only three of the urban communities in this monstrous state. You’ll track down breathtaking sea shores wherever on the west coast and inland, there are mountains, deserts, and a few public parks.

Take the California Coast Expressway from San Francisco in the north to San Diego in the south, halting en route to visit different urban areas and view extraordinary sights. You could undoubtedly spend a little while (or months) traveling across California, so on the off chance that you just have a couple of days, ensure you have a rundown of needs so you miss nothing you truly need to see or do.

New York

NYC is an exceptionally well known place for Australians, with 33% of those meeting the U.S. picking to remain in New York. Look at a Broadway play, shop in Times Square, have an excursion in Focal Park, climb the Realm State Building, and reflect at the World Exchange Community Remembrance. These are only a couple of the numerous exercises accessible in New York and similarly as with California, plan essentially a couple of days to see everything.


Regardless of where you go in the U.S., you will undoubtedly make some vital memories, however these four objections are time tested for Aussies, so on the off chance that you’re battling to pick a state, attempt one of these. You will not be frustrated.

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